Growing gardens in the backyards & empty lots of Steubenville & beyond  

Food security and sovereignty as love of neighbor

Educational workshops & gardening opportunites for all ages

A culture of thanksgiving to God for the fruits of the earth

The mission of the Urban Mission Backyard Food Garden Center is to create a physical hub for models, materials, mentors, and manpower to help grow gardens in the windowsills, backyards, and empty lots of Steubenville and beyond! We do this through our downtown garden center (located off of 6th St and North St), acting as physical hub for the work of food security and sovereignty in our city. We do this through monthly first Saturday workshops, free garden material giveaways, manpower assistance, and mentorship help. Our goal is to help you overcome any perceived boundaries to gardening, harvesting, preparing, and storing food grown on your own urban land! The garden center is also the backyard for the backyardless, such as those who live in apartments, rent, or simply don’t have the space to garden! We are working on an allotment program to go live in the spring, but volunteers are always welcome.

The Urban Mission Backyard Food Garden Center is also the place to dispose of or donate your garden related materials! Please spread this post around to the lawn care specialists, arborists, and home cleaners you know, and email [email protected] to schedule a drop off!