Helping the world come together!

Our Ministry Philosophy

Our Vision

As a faith-based organization, we believe that every person is made in the image of God, and is a person of value, full of purpose and possibility.

At the Urban Mission, we have the unique opportunity to speak these truths into the lives of others through the power of relationships founded on trust, love, and belonging.

Our ministry is geared to create the conditions where people can experience restoration and transformation, all in the context of a supportive community.

Abundant communities full of purpose and possibility for people and places

Our Mission


What We Do


Through the power of relationships, we help break the cycle of poverty, unleash the potential of people, and unite the community to bring transformational change – all in the name of Jesus.
We utilize food, shelter, and other essential services as a tool to build trust, eliminate barriers, and bring healing and restoration.

We provide opportunities for transformation through education and hands-on training opportunities for people in need of a fresh start.

We collaborate on community and economic initiatives to bring transformational change.

How We’re Organized

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