Recently the Urban Mission had the distinct honor to host a Community Meeting at the 7th Street Plaza. Working with a group of urban planners and architects from Pittsburgh called RD Collab, this group is helping us listen to our community in new ways – through surveys, interviews, and a series of meetings to ensure that our path forward is aligned with the needs, opportunities and hopes of our community. Proverbs 2:2 says, “make your ear attentive to wisdom and incline your heart to understanding.” This has been our prayer throughout this entire process.

If you were able to attend the Community Meeting last month, thank you! Here’s a summary of what was discussed.

If you missed it, that’s no problem! There will be another Community Meeting on Tuesday, August 9th. Not only will we be able to share some of the building renderings from our architects, but there will also be additional opportunities to dream more together.

We hope you “save the date” for this special event! Until then, thank you for your prayers and support!