Gear Up For Giving

Gear Up For Giving
29 Jul,2019
3.30 pm-6.30 pm
Topics :  Donation Help
 Start Date:  January 26 2018

Host :  Divi Professional
End Date:  January 30 2018

Location:  2005 Stokes Isle Apt. 896, Venaville 10010, USA

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The healing power of food!

The healing power of food!

We believe 2024 will be a year where we see a dramatic increase in the health and well-being of our pantry families. As we’re learned throughout the years, there is a direct correlation between the food we eat and our overall health and well-being. We also believe...

Did you know the Urban Mission relies on 90 volunteers a week to help us within our ministry areas? That's a lot of people! If you've been looking for an opportunity to volunteer at the Urban Mission, we invite you to attend one of our Volunteer Orientations. We hold...

A new year – a new theme!

A new year – a new theme!

At the Urban Mission, during the months of January and February, we like to take the time to pray, plan, and finalize our ministry programs and budgets for the year. The opportunities always seem endless, but as we have learned throughout the years, listening to the...

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