At the Urban Mission, during the months of January and February, we like to take the time to pray, plan, and finalize our ministry programs and budgets for the year. The opportunities always seem endless, but as we have learned throughout the years, listening to the Lord’s leading is essential.
This year, we focus our efforts on “creating sanctuary” – creating spaces that provide healing, restoration and transformation for all who visit the Urban Mission. We believe this theme is God’s desire for us – not only as a ministry, but also for our community and the people we serve alongside.
Since the pandemic (and most likely before!), we have all been operating at an intense pace. The demands of life cause us to live in a constant state of urgency, panic, or even fear. Words like scarcity, burnout, and stress, find their way into our minds, and eventually to our hearts. But is this God’s desire for us? We don’t believe so.
We believe there is a different way to live, to work and to serve. The idea of “sanctuary” comes to mind. Not only is it grounded in Scripture, but it also brings with it an understanding of peace, security, and even abundance. How do we “create sanctuary?” Simply, we seek the Lord. Exodus 25:8 says, “And let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell in their midst.” And then, after seeking the Lord, we make ourselves available for whatever God has planned. This year, we vow to be intentional to create opportunities at the Urban Mission and within the community that bring forth healing, restoration and transformation. We hope you will join us we enter into a new year of ministry. This year, we invite you to join us in the “sanctuary!”