Thank you!

Posted on Jun 22, 2020 in News | Comments Off on Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for joining us for the Neighborhood Community Development Center’s “COVID-19, A Minority Health Disparity” virtual event.

We consider your input extremely important as we plan more events to reach our community. Below is a short survey for you to fill out based on your experience with the Virtual Event.

Thank you! We look forward to connecting with you more this year!

When you share your story, it becomes a part of my story.  When we choose to listen to the stories of others, it opens the possibility to see a new and fuller perspective of the human experience.

Join us for the 2nd edition of “This is My Story” as we hear from others who have experienced UBUNTU in their life.

Mark your calendar for July 9th, 6pm.

We’ll save a seat for you.

We know prayer is powerful and can draw people closer to God and each other.  As a way to share our love of prayer with others, we invite you to utilize the green space at the 7th Street Plaza as a Community Prayer Space.  We consider this location holy ground and want to invite others into this space as well.  Stay tuned for updates as we hold prayer walks and special times of prayer.