September is Hunger Action Month!

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September is Hunger Action Month!

It’s Hunger Action Month and we’re joining forces with Mid-Ohio Foodbank to gain a “fresh perspective” about hunger.  For the next several weeks, we’ll be highlighting the power of food in our lives and our communities by talking about what’s “fresh” and new as it relates to ending hunger in the Ohio Valley.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

Week One – The new face of hunger in our communities

More than half of those who visit our pantry are children and senior citizens.  Another large percentage of those we serve are individuals who work, but have a tough time making ends meet.  Throughout September we’ll be highlighting the new faces of hunger and what the Urban Mission and others are doing to help alleviate food insecurity among our area’s most vulnerable.

Week Two – Using food to build community

People visit the Urban Mission for food because they are hungry, but many times they leave feeling full of something else – community, a sense of belonging, purpose.  We have found that there is power in food, especially when it can be used to bring people together.  Throughout September, we’ll be sharing stories of the impact food can have on people and places in a powerful way.

Week Three – Food as health

Eating healthy foods is good for our health and we believe healthy food should be available to all people – no matter their socio-economic status.  The Urban Mission is committed to connecting fresh, nutritious foods to our hungry neighbors each day.  Throughout September, we hope to share how important food is to health by talking with those in the health care profession and those whose lives have been impacted by changing their eating habits. 

Week Four – Food Works

We see food as a tool to help people break out of the cycle of poverty.  Not only does food keep you full and healthy, but it can also be used to keep people employed.  Throughout September, we’ll be sharing examples of how food can be used to put people to work.  We’ll also be casting vision to show what the Urban Mission has planned to contribute to the economic revitalization of the Ohio Valley and its people – all through food.