Housing the homeless

Hutton House Homeless Shelter

Focusing exclusively on homeless families, Hutton House is the only shelter in the area which offers fully-furnished one- and two-bedroom apartments. Each family that enters the shelter receives an individual apartment that is completely furnished by donations. A family also receives cleaning supplies, personal care items and food.

Upon entering the shelter each family receives personal case management, family and life skills training and referrals to other programs to help meet their needs. Upon completion of the program, shelter guests are guided through the process of finding permanent housing as well as a sustainable job.

Hutton House is currently accepting donations of:

  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • First aid supplies
  • Paper products
  • Personal care products
  • Cleaning products
  • Bath linens, Hand & bath towels, washcloths
  • Laundry products
  • Mops/brooms/buckets
  • Pampers (all sizes)
  • Good or new furniture and appliances
  • Dishes/pots & pans/silverware
  • Coupons with no expiration date
  • Anything that makes a house a home
Contact our Hutton House Director, Debra Bryan at 740.282.8903 or dbryan@urbanmission.org to find out how you can donate furniture or household goods for families in need.