The Campaign for Good is an effort to encourage others to “spread goodness” throughout the community through random acts of kindness.  Spreading Goodness

There are a few ways you can help “spread goodness” throughout the community:

  • Become a partner for good:   Spread Goodness with a monetary donation to help feed the hungry and shelter the homeless.

  • Spread the Goodness with a goodie box:  With a gift of $20 or more, for an additional $5, you can choose to send a “goodie box” with fresh baked bread, grape jelly and a note of encouragement to someone doing good in our community.  We will deliver the goodie box anonymously.  Or you may stop by the Mission and purchase a goodie box to deliver to someone special.  The cost is $5.00 and will include a message you choose to spread…healing, love, joy, forgiveness or hope.  


  • Join us as we wash the feet of others:  We invite you to join us on Maundy Thursday, March 28 at Urban Mission from 10-2.  You can participate in foot washing, collect soap, bath wash, towels, etc. to be distributed.


  • Host a “for good” event:  Throughout the months of March and April, host an event or fundraiser “for good”. All donations collected will be used toward your program of choice at the Urban Mission.

Click here to choose how you would like to spread good.