Next Table – May 12th

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Next Table – May 12th

Our next gathering of the Table will be Thursday, May 12th.

Our topic will be “Replacing Broken Windows with God’s Restorative Power”.

The “Broken Windows Theory” suggests that a community can reduce crime, build community support and instill a sense of pride among its neighbors when small problems are fixed promptly.

Alternatively, minor vandalism (such as broken windows) left unrepaired, sends the message that no one cares about the community (or its people for that matter.)

On May 12th, join us at The Table as we discuss the tenants of the “broken windows theory” and how it applies to our own context.

You’ll leave with helpful hints as to how you can “do your part” in reclaiming pride back into a local community and in your own lives.

New comers are welcome and we invite you to bring a friend or two with you!

There’s always room at the Table!