How to Help

Posted on Apr 9, 2021 in NEWS AND REPORTS | Comments Off on How to Help

How to Help

During the pandemic, we spent a great deal of time investing in our emergency housing program.  It has been our goal to ensure that our guests feel safe, welcomed, celebrated & cherished, that our spaces exude the love of Christ, and that each guest has a positive experience from the moment they enter emergency housing, to the moment they move out and into a home of their own. 

To do so, we have made several updates to our shelters, including the installation of a new roof on our men’s shelter and a sprinkler system at our women’s shelter.  We also hired new staff, introduced the concept of “trauma informed care” in all our shelters, and updated the look and feel of our shared spaces and individual rooms to move from an institutionalized look to a place of healing and refuge.  

While these changes haven’t come easy (they require a lot of time, energy and consume a lot of our resources!) we know that some of our most meaningful ministry opportunities happen on site in our emergency housing settings and any investment is worth the eternal ramifications that come as a result of our ministry to the homeless.

In the coming months we hope to host a few “open houses” to give you a first-hand look at the updates to our shelters.  We can’t wait for you to see the impact being made. 

Here are a few key areas we still need your assistance at our shelters:

Towels: New towels are like gold at our shelters.  To think that someone hasn’t used a clean towel for months when they come to our shelter, is heartbreaking.  By donating a new towel, we can ensure that each person has a clean towel, each day, while staying at our shelter…and they can take a towel (or two!) with them, when they move into a home of their own.

Staff & Helpers: To work in our Housing and Homeless ministry requires a deep love for people, and dare we say, a calling?!  If you or someone you know, has been looking for a way to get more involved in the work of the Urban Mission, we would love to talk with you about our positions available. We have paid positions and volunteer positions that are just waiting for the right people to fill them!

Programming: Do you like to teach or have a “teacher’s heart?”  Do you believe that people are full of purpose and possibility?  Maybe you have a unique skill set, interesting talent or hobby, or knowledge base that’s just waiting to be shared?   We are putting together our 2021 program schedule and would love for you to join our “program team.”  If you’d like to find a way to get plugged in, we invite you to contact Cynthia Lytle, our Program Director, who would love to hear from you! 740.282.8010 or