Health and Safety Updates

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Health and Safety Updates

Important health and safety update:

The health of our community, our customers, our staff, and our volunteers is of the utmost importance to the Urban Mission. For the past several weeks we have been implementing new strategies, approaches and options in connecting our services to our neighbors during this public health threat.

Out of an abundance of caution and in the interest of taking care of each other, the following information details how each of our ministries are currently functioning to proactively reduce the risk of community spread across our organization and network.


Beginning Monday, March 16th, our Unity Kitchen will be serving “take out” meals for the community in place of our typical sit down dining option. To-go meals will be served for anyone in need, from 12 noon – 1pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at our 301 North 5th Street location. Please call 740.282.3680 for more information.


For families currently registered with our pantry:

Beginning Tuesday, March 17th, all food distributed through the Fresh Market will be distributed in pre-packed bags to families through the back of the Urban Mission Warehouse (311 North 6th). Please follow the signs.  Upon arrival, every vehicle will be given a number and asked to park in an orderly fashion.  A volunteer or staff member will conduct registration at the vehicle and a pre-packaged bag will be delivered. There is no need for you to get out of your vehicle as the food bag will be brought directly to you.  Customers who visit the Fresh Market by foot are also encouraged to visit the back of the warehouse. For more information, please call 740.282.2911 or 740.282.8010. 

For new families to the pantry:

The Urban Mission Fresh Market is open to NEW FAMILIES in need of food assistance during this challenging time. Our service area covers Ohio and West Virginia residents. Please visit our food warehouse, located at 311 North 6th Street in downtown Steubenville, Monday – Friday, 8am to 4pm. (Wednesdays until 6pm) to sign up for assistance. A form of ID and proof of residency will be needed, but no one will be turned away if in need of food. For more information, please call 740.282.2911 or 740.282.8010.


The Urban Mission Homeless Shelter system is available to receive men, women and children during this public emergency. The main shelter, located at 142 North Sixth Street in downtown Steubenville, is open 24 hours a day. Guests will have access to clothes, showers, hot meals, toiletries and social service assistance. To call the shelter directly, please use: 740.283.1621.

Please note: Our shelter staff are practicing extreme care as it relates to sanitizing all services, sleeping areas and restrooms. We are receiving guidance from the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio and will continue to add additional precautions as necessary.


To our customers, beginning Monday, March 16th, Urban Thrift will be closed to the general public. We can still accept donations, but may need to limit how we receive them in the coming days. For the most updated information, please call 740.282.4851 or 740.282.8010. Thank you for your understanding!


All non-emergency needs through the Fresh Start referral program will be on hold until Urban Thrift reopens. For clothing needs, please contact Jodie Feezle, Community Engagement Director, at 740.282.8010.


Saturday evening Mission Rejoice worship services are currently on hold, but the Urban Mission team will be providing to-go meals every Saturday from 4pm – 6pm at the church, located at 301 North 5th Street in Steubenville.


The Governors of Ohio and West Virginia announced that schools for children in grades K-12 will be closed, starting on Tuesday, March 17th and continuing through Friday, April 3rd. This action presents the challenge of connecting school-aged children who receive free and/or reduced meals with food during this absence from school.

We have compiled a list of schools and organizations who are provided food for school aged children. Please click here for the most updated list.


In the coming weeks, we know that more community support will be needed, especially in two areas:

  • Volunteer help will be needed in our Unity Kitchen as we prepare more meals over the coming weeks when schools are closed. And, additional financial support will also be needed for the acquisition of more food.
  • We may also need volunteers to help prepare pre-packaged bags with dairy, protein, produce, bread and shelf-stable food for distribution to customer vehicles in the coming weeks. To offer your volunteer services, please call Tiffany Beckwith at 740.282.8010 or email:

We are so incredibly grateful for your engagement in this work and especially at this time, when more is expected of us. We are humbled to do this work, and know that it would be impossible to do so without each of you.  Thank you for all that you have done in helping to advance our mission, and for what we will be asking in the coming days.