Food Stamp Challenge – Day Two

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Food Stamp Challenge – Day Two

4:30am.  Elliot, our three month old, is up and ready to eat.

5:00am.  Theo, our two year old, wakes up because he hears Elliot.

6:00am.  Both boys still up and now I need to get ready for work.  It’s then when I realize I should eat breakfast.  Eggs and toast it is.  Water to drink.  I usually have coffee too but since I didn’t have enough money to purchase it at the store I had to forego my early morning caffeine buzz.

9:00am.  So hungry…. (why did I get up so early?!)  Remembered I had packed a banana for lunch.

12noon.  Everyone ordered take out for lunch at the office.  I opted for my tuna fish sandwich and carrots.  No problem today since I really like tuna.

2pm.  Need caffeine.  I think this is considered cheating, but I found a few quarters in my desk to buy a pop.

6:30pm.  Dinner time couldn’t come soon enough.  Fixed the Steele boys their dinner then had two of my sweet potatoes.

Earlier that day a friend of ours blessed us with a bag of fresh veggies from their garden.  It was sitting on our counter when I came home.  Tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, and a pepper.  Wow!  I was in heaven.  They didn’t even know about the Challenge, but how timely.  Thanks God!  I had a tomato.

8:30pm.  Hungry again.  Decided to go with a banana, some yogurt and water.

11:15pm.  As I’m getting ready for bed and as my stomach is growling once again, I think to myself, the struggle is real.  God forgive me for any time I’ve doubted the hunger needs in our area.