Food Stamp Challenge – Day Seven

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Food Stamp Challenge – Day Seven

Day Seven is here.  Despite a few hunger pangs and the constant reminder of the harsh realities of a life dependent on food stamps, I am thankful for the learning opportunity.

Easy for me to say since I can move forward from this space I’ve been in for the past week.

I can go back to my $100 grocery bills, my Chinese take out dinners, and my afternoon coffee or pop pick me up and think nothing of it.

And while a week’s worth of reflections will never solve what many consider an intractable problem (“the poor will always be with us”), this time has allowed me to offer my voice to the conversation.

To me, it is a conversation that needs to happen more frequently than it does.

It is a conversation where all are invited and have a place at the table.

It is a conversation where there is a time to listen and a time to speak up.

And it is a conversation that elicits action.

I am thankful we’ve already had a number of conversations in Jefferson County regarding hunger and poverty.  I am thankful these conversations continue.

God has heard the prayers of His people and is doing some amazing things to bring change.

Personally, as a result of this Challenge, I feel a renewed sense of purpose to do my part.  The next grant I write, the next donor letter I send out, the next story I hear of a person impacted by hunger… each is significant, each makes a difference.

I wish it were simple.  Maybe it is and I’m just missing it.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t stop me from trying.  And I hope it doesn’t stop you either!

For those reading these reflections I offer a few additional reads.

“A Place At the Table” – a documentary providing the latest information on hunger in America

Mid-Ohio Foodbank – a clearinghouse of information for all things hunger related in Ohio

40 Days of Solidarity with the Poor – a book study with free resources

Volunteer Opportunities at the Urban Mission – Join the Urban Mission!  We’d love to have you on the team!


May we continue this conversation together and step up to the challenge to fight hunger in our community!