Current Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have a New Year’s resolution to get more involved in your community – or more specifically – to get involved at the Urban Mission? If so, we’ve been planning and preparing for you! Below is a list of some of our newly updated volunteer needs.

If you see something of interest, please reach out to our Community Engagement Director, Tiffany Beckwith, or our Director, Rev. Ashley Steele, to find out more information. You can call 740.282.8010 or (If you would prefer to do your volunteering from home, please let us know. We have those opportunities as well!)

Client Engagement

• Updating records of our customers & clients

• Creation of a resource guide for our community

• Volunteer drivers to deliver Senior Food Boxes

Community Engagement

• Organizing and advancing the work of the Jefferson County Food Council

• Organizing and advancing the work of our local Homeless Coalition

• Building deeper relationships with local businesses

• Resourcing with local organizations with in-kind donations we receive

• Connecting the Urban Mission with local churches

• Serving as a liaison between local school districts and volunteer opportunities at the Urban Mission


• General improvements at our JOSHUA House

• General improvements at our women’s shelter


• Scheduled custodial work at UM buildings

• Scheduled landscaping work at UM buildings

Fundraising & Development

• Helping with new ideas for fundraising

• Folding of newsletters to be mailed

Hands on work

• Creation of welcome baskets for shelter guests

• Creation of pre-made baskets at thrift store

• Creation of “new home” baskets for exiting guests

• Creation of “new baby” baskets


• Creation of videos for social media

• Creation of donor publications and mailings

Retail (Online)

• Launch of our online thrift store

• Includes management of website, taking pictures of items, packing & shipping)

To learn about our most current volunteer opportunities, please call our Community Engagement Director, Tiffany Beckwith at 740.282.8010 or sign up to volunteer HERE.