2021, here we come!

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2021, here we come!

We are excited to share with you some important updates from the 7th Street Plaza, the War Memorial Building and our Fresh Market & Mobile Food Pantry.

Even though our response to COVID-19 has consumed a great deal of our time and resources these past six months, by God’s grace and the generosity of our partners, we have been able to do some work behind the scenes to keep our projects moving a step closer to completion.

7th Street Plaza – Throughout 2020 we have been working with a group of architects to design the plans for our new space.  We have mapped out each ministry area, determined its use and plan to start demolition by the end of this year.  Thanks to funding through the Governor’s Office of Appalachia, the Finance Fund, the Mary Jane Brooks Charitable Trust, the Mid-Ohio Food Collective and support of our donors like you, we can begin our renovations, bringing us one step closer to ending poverty, one fresh start at a time.

War Memorial Building – Despite delays due to COVID-19, we are scheduled to have our sprinklers installed and our women’s shelter up and running by the end of 2020.  This will come at such an important time as the winter months reveal the great need of additional shelter space in our community – especially for women and children.

Fresh Market & Mobile Food Pantry – As we plan our move to the 7th Street Plaza, we are exploring best practices for our Fresh Market.  We are grateful for the partnership we share with the Mid-Ohio Collective.  With their support, we are designing our market in the most customer friendly way possible. 

Mobile Food Pantry – We are also in the process of locating and purchasing a “mobile food pantry” truck to take more food, to more places throughout the Ohio Valley.  If your neighborhood or community would benefit from a mobile food pantry, please let us know.